About Us

JRK = JR = John Ruckle / RK = Randy Kelly

JRK Design was created by John Ruckle and Randy Kelly in 2009 to serve our commercial clients in a more personal and direct manner. Prior to starting JRK Design, founders John Ruckle and Randy Kelly worked in the construction & real estate world before focusing in the architectural profession in the late 90’s. With over a combined 40 years experience working directly in architectural offices, John and Randy have developed the experience and expertise necessary to serve our commercial clients in the best manner possible.

JRK Design is committed to develop partnership relationships with our clients as we firmly believe the mutual benefits of a long term partnership relationship are always worth the investment in the relationship.

John and Randy continue to personally serve each client and are involved in every project. Our office consists of architectural, engineering and permitting divisions staffed with long serving employees who help make JRK Design your one contact to a successful project . JRK Design is a commercial design firm with a specific focus on restaurant, retail and hospitality.

We are ready to provide you with :

    • Concept

    • Schematic Design

    • Renderings

    • Construction Drawings

    • Permitting

    • Construction Administration

    Our management team is staffed with veterans of the profession who have the talent in design, planning, construction document production, management, and administration. Along with site selection assessments, site surveys, program management, expediting, and entitlement process and permitting.


    Building a story with our clients is an important beginning to the design process; it helps us thoroughly understand the wants and needs for the project at hand. We develop this story into a program of needs that will guide our decisions throughout the process. We encourage our clients to be involved in every step, thus creating a trusted relationship between client and architect.


     Our fully equipped design team works conjointly to begin the schematic design, bringing the story and program into preliminary sketches and imagery. During the concept phase we begin to study the relationship of the building to its surroundings, the related functions, requirements and interior design pieces. The models, plans, notes and sketches from this concept phase serve as our guide into implementation.

Implementation (Vision to Reality)

     This is when the drawings really take shape and where we bring the story and concept together to create functional and efficient designs. Drawings are continuously refined, finalized, and ready for production.Our agile office organization ensures an efficient and effective process to complete CD’s. These CD’s become our product that communicates the design and construction methods to the client, bidders and builders.


      As your architects, our job does not end after the drawings are complete. It is important to us to continue a client relationship through construction. We provide oversight, answer questions and continue to guide and advise you and your team till the very end.